Product or Mailing List? Which One is More Important?

Just a short one today…   If you were to ask “Which one is more important – the mailing list or the product?” many a marketer would say “The mailing list”!   Basically, any savvy businessman (or woman!) puts demand before the product. Meaning that if there is no demand there is no product!   […]


“Talking” with your prospective buyer is essential regardless of what you’re trying to sell.  The sales letter (also called “sales copy”) you send out, whether through email or “snail mail”, is when and how you talk to your prospect.   Winning sales letters “talk” to the potential customer by creating an image in their mind.  […]

How to Use Blogs As a Marketing Tool

  Times have changed. The traditional marketing methods are not always as effective as they used to be. As the marketplace is now highly competitive, many small and medium sized businesses veered into more creative and interactive approaches to doing business. New markets bring new opportunities, new consumer segments and new and improved marketing tools. […]

Learn From The Professionals!

To be successful in affiliate marketing is not an easy task. It’s an on-going project where you need to find out and try different strategies and tactics.   You may want to promote several affiliate programs at once on your site. If you do, make sure that they are in line with the theme and […]

The Internet is an Unending Source of Content!

Before you think that we are talking about another SEO technique that may or may not work depending on today’s algorithms of Google and other search engines, consider this:   EVERYTHING on the internet is CONTENT for you to use.   The internet is really a ‘treasure trove’ of information. Whether it is good or […]

How to Market Your New Laptop Business on the Internet?

For those who are used to traditional methods of marketing and advertising, Internet Marketing can often be a little confusing. Still, the advantage of marketing on the Internet is that it is generally far less expensive than more traditional ways of marketing, and done correctly will produce some great results. The first thing you need […]

How to Create a Residual Income with Your Laptop

Are you searching for the ultimate product to make you millions on the internet? Are you looking for a continuing, automatic, income from your laptop? A “residual income program” might be just the answer.   What exactly is “residual income”?   Let’s compare it to a “normal” ‘bricks and mortar’ business. Say you work at […]

The First Steps to Make a Success of Your Online Business

Hello! Excuse me! I’m over here!   How to get noticed on the web   Getting your website noticed on the worldwide web is essential for your online business. No visitors equal no money. And sure, it does make you feel great when you see so many visitors coming to your site. Getting visitors to […]

How to Set Up Your Own Online Laptop Business

surfing on the beach. Laptop display is cut with clipping path

Opportunities for working from home on your laptop are growing dramatically. In fact, for many people their online business has become like a treasure chest, earning them millions, literally. However, care is needed. There are many scams out there – not all their promises of  ”easy money” and “great earnings” come true. That doesn’t mean […]